The Coach (Self-Paced)

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Courses Included

The Coach self-paced is the only certificate program built with curated content from a variety of coaching models, featuring research from leading instructional coaches, that brings a global perspective to instructional coaching, allowing you to learn your own pace.


Are you ready to…

  • Recognize and apply your own growing leadership skills, as a coach?

  • Feel confident in your coaching conversations, by knowing how and when to ask just the right questions?

  • Navigate between a variety of coaching roles and stances, based on the needs of your coachees?

  • Empower your colleagues by building a coaching culture within your school community?

  • Overcome the reluctance of those teachers who aren’t ready for coaching (yet)?

  • Confidently articulate your role as a coach to your school leaders and your colleagues?

  • Effectively and successfully work with individuals and teams to transform student learning?

  • Measure your impact as a coach, and the success of your coaching program?

  • Confidently lead professional and parent learning to support the growth of your coaching program?

Then the Coach Certificate program from Eduro Learning is for YOU!

What’s Inside:

academic-year-long certificate program includes the following 10 courses, each with 3 modules:

  1. Welcome & Getting Started
  2. Setting the Stage
  3. Foundations for Success
  4. The Role of the The Coach
  5. Coaching Models
  6. Coaching Conversations
  7. Working with Adults & Teams
  8. Coaching Challenges
  9. Coaches as Leaders
  10. The Personal Project

Once you join the self-paced cohort, you’ll also early access to upgrade to the global cohort before registration opens to the public in February. Get started learning today, and if you decide you want to learn with a cohort and a mentor, upgrade when early access begins – for self-paced members only!

1 review for The Coach (Self-Paced)

  1. Helen Gong

    It is a good course if you are a coach which make you understand deeper what coaching looks like and how to be an effective coach. It is practical course and you will grow up and get more confidence in your coach role in the right direction.

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