5 Lessons Learned From 2020

Happy New Year! This is the energy and enthusiasm I’m bringing to 2021.

Because this crazy year has taught me:

1. Not to be afraid of the hard things
Those challenges are just a puzzle to be solved and just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Start where you’re at, take one piece at a time and keep moving forward, until you can look back and realize you made it happen. 

2. Trust your instincts
I’m a team player, I like to run ideas by lots of people, seek a lot of input and make decisions as a group. But sometimes you have to trust yourself. Know that what you’ve experienced and accomplished has led you to this place, and you are capable of making a decision on your own, and that decision will lead you to the next, which is exactly where you’re meant to be. 

3. Find the systems & patterns that enable consistency
Setting huge goals and dreaming big is important and exciting. But ultimately we are taking each day at a time. Taking consistent, achievable steps each day is what’s going to get us to that big goal. Learn how to recognize which actions take us forward, rather than distract us from the path. Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. 

4. It’s ok to stop, to reconsider, to change directions, to take a break
We can’t see the future, even with the best laid plans, things change. In order to find the way forward sometimes you have to stop, take a break, and then start again. My instinct is always to “just keep working”, but taking a break, or making a big picture reset allows time to reflect, process and make better decisions when you get back to the task at hand. 

5. Be uncomfortable
For a type-a, overachiever, this is my biggest mental accomplishment this year. I like to be over-planned, to look ahead, to feel confident that I’ve got everything sorted. But we can’t see the future. If I know I can work through the hard things, if I know I can trust my instincts, if I know I’ve set myself up with consistent achievable patterns and I don’t have to be perfect, I will find a way through. And so will you!

Here’s to a new year, with new opportunities!

What did 2020 teach you?

PS: 2021: Refreshed!

We are super excited about some new changes we’re bringing to Eduro in 2021, based on your feedback! A few highlights include:

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  2. Curating and organizing our coaching resources on the coachbetter.tv website. Now you can also find all of our 5 Minute Friday episodes as blog posts with the video, and a text summary all in one place; as well as the #coachbetter episode show notes; and our featured posts from our The Coach participants!
  3. More great new content on our #coachbetter podcast. In our annual survey, you told us you like learning through our podcast most of all, so we’re adding our 5 Min Fri episodes as audio episodes you can listen to in your podcast feed too!
  4. More quick tips and highlights from our podcast and youtube channel on our Instagram feed. If you’re not following us yet, check it out! 

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January 1, 2021

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